Competitor_AnalysisTo be successful in internet marketing, businesses must gain an advantage over their competition on the search engines like Google.

Not understanding your competitors’ online activities will result in lost opportunities. It is important to know what your competitors are doing on the Internet, so that you can combat and reduce any advantage they have.

By identifying their online marketing strategies you will be in a position to exploit their weaknesses and leverage your company’s strengths to effectively acquire, retain and grow your customer base.


  • Identify your competitors’ Search Engine Strategy
  • Identify competitors Paid Search strategies, keywords and ads
  • Estimate your competitors monthly online marketing budget
  • WSI will complete an online competitor analysis for your company to identify all of the critical factors which influence positioning on the search engines.

Ultimately this will allow you to develop an internet marketing budget which will ensure that you are competitive or stop you competing for keywords which are beyond your financial reach.

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