Keyword_research_smallThe Key to Internet Success – Keyword Research

Once you understand your customers, what they want to buy and why they are buying it, the next step in the process is understanding the online market.

The internet is all about words – Words are what people use to find you and how you tell the search engines what your site is about.  Very often the words get lost while considering all the cool graphics stuff that can be done.

There is a continual competition underway for the top search positions on Google and there are many different strategies for achieving good positioning, some being more costly than others and some being almost free!

To build a commercially successful website requires a process called Keyword Research.  This helps you to understand:

  • Identify the words your customers search for – very often, these will be different to what you think they are.
  • Understand the level of competition for each of these words – this will help you to understand whether you can compete in the online market for your available budget.
  • Develop an appropriate strategy for achieving a good placement on the search engines.
  • Write the content that you will need to write in order to attract customers and encourage them to buy or make contact with you.

In our experience the even bigger benefit of Keyword Research is that it can often identify business opportunities that you never even knew existed, in niche areas where there is little or no competition.

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