Your customers are at the heart of your website and the term the “Customer is King” has never been more important than when considering your website.  Unlike other sales processes where the customer is physically present, you have a window of between 7 and 20 seconds to convince your website visitors that they are in the right place and you have something to offer.

While a lot is spoken about Search Engine OptimisationPay Per Click (Google Adwords), and Social Media, it is pointless engaging in any of these promotional exercises unless you have a website that is going to meet your customers’ needs.  These are crucial to your website’s success but should only be tackled once you have completed the following exercise:Most websites ignore this key factor and concentrate on what their business does and not on what their customers want.  This is the reason that 70% of websites never make any commercial returns for their owners.

  • Uncover exactly what it is you want your website to do – so that it satisfies the needs of your customers
  • Get inside your potential customers’ heads to understand their motivations, their goals and their problems.
  • Understand the Words they use to search for your business on the internet.
  • Take a closer look at your company and its products and services to discover things that can make your business irresistible to your website visitors.
  • Uncover your “Unique Selling Proposition“, or what makes you different, which is the key to having a commercially successful website.
  • Build an internet strategy specifically for your company to help you to take maximum  advantage of what the internet can deliver.
  • Build a structure for your website and identify crucial pathways that your visitor will need to follow in order for your website to accomplish its objectives.Carefully construct each webpage to position crucial persuasive elements and plan each element so that it persuades your visitors to take action.
  • Develop compelling sales messages and website content that persuades visitors to take action.

After the above exercise has been completed, the commercial success of your website, will be driven by 2 factors: