VW PortraitInternet Success is run by Vincent Walshe and based in the National Software Centre, Mahon, Co. Cork, Ireland. Vincent holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Engineering Degree and has been an Internet Marketing Consultant for over 7 years and prior to this he was involved in the development and deployment of web based intranet systems for a large multinational.

At Internet Success my focus  is to understand your businesses and goals before you embark on any investment on the web. I will also build an online Competitor Analysis so you can understand the marketplace and what it will take for you to do business successfully on the web. These steps are fundamental to making any return on your internet investment.

I can now build an Internet Strategy specifically for your business which will achieve tangible and measurable business results.

Once the business and its goals have been clearly defined, we can help to bring together the correct mix of the following internet marketing tools to deliver on your customised internet marketing strategy compiled of the services that you can see on the left.

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