AdwordsWhether you are a large or a small company Google Adwords Pay Per Click advertising model provides a cost effective solution to getting your product or service seen by potential customers.  If you need to drive revenue on a seasonal basis, need consistent positioning or drive instant revenue, Pay Per Click campaigns can be consturcted to meet your needs.

The advantage of this model is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad – which means that they are actually interested in your product or service.  All of our Adwords campaigns are backed up by our Landing Page Design service which provides the key to successful Adwords campaigns.

Google_Adwords_Pay_Per_ClickSo What is Adwords?

Adwords is a system where Google sells space on the search results pages (and also on other websites) based on the words that people type in to complete their searches.  The enclosed schematic shows in red where Google Adwords Ads appear.

The key to running a successful Google Adwords PPC search marketing campaign is to fully understand the campaign objectives; sales, leads, brand awareness or simply traffic. Once we have completed a “Free 1 hr Internet Session” and have identified your business objectives we will put forward a suggested paid search campaign strategy to optimize budget.

In most circumstances Google Adwords will be the backbone of the PPC campaign and will provide the most relevant traffic. There are many different ways in which pay per click campaigns can be used:

  1. Targeting of keywords within the Google Search Results.
  2. Targeting people who are searching for your services.
  3. Using targetted display and banner advertising on Google  or Facebook to build your brand

Successful pay per click advertising campaigns offer amazing returns and brand-building opportunities, but every campaign needs careful management.  Campaigns will only be successful if step 1 of our process has been completed.

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