Email_Marketing_smallYour customers’ email inbox represents a valuable opportunity to connect with them.  Email marketing is a tool for retaining your customers and encouraging them to engage in repeat business.

Presenting relevant information and offers to your segmented market will ensure that you achieve this goal.

Email marketing if done correctly does not result in the generation of huge amounts of junk email for your customers and current research proven that it has the highest return on investment per Euro spent of any internet marketing activity. This is only true, however, if done properly, otherwise you will be consigned to the spam boxes in your clients email.

Successful email marketing is only possible with a good email list of people who want to hear from you.  All of your customers are not the same and should not be targeted with the same messages, but segmented into different interest areas.   This will ensure that your customers receive messages that are fully relevant and that they are much more likely to read.

Internet Success will help you to build and grow this type of list through effective use of your website and other marketing campaigns.

With a list in place and continually growing, you will see the revenues from your internet investment beginning to grow.

Email marketing is a fundamental of every website which is commercially successful and as with all other internet marketing strategies is 100% measurable.

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